Equipment hire and rental holds a great advantage for contractors and construction companies alike who have a tight budget. Mostly, they prefer to hire or rent equipment especially when its use is temporary.

Selecting an equipment hire company can be a little tricky. Some may offer affordable renting for all types of equipment but the condition generally isn’t good enough to get the job done. There are also those who claim that their equipment is well-maintained and durable but when it comes to actually using it, you may find that it didn’t perform as expected and may come to regret it.

These are just some of the possible problems that you might encounter if you don’t choose the right equipment hire company. To avoid all of these, you might consider using these tips to find the equipment hire company that will suit your needs and ensure a great outcome for your project.

Tips for Equipment Hire and Rental

1. Know what you really want

Whether you are planning for a long-term or a short-term project, the first thing you should determine is what would be the most important factor you are looking for. Are you looking for the most affordable option? Or maybe you want to bet on a more expensive equipment hire company. Remember, affordable equipment doesn’t always guarantee excellent performance and equipment value.

2. Choose an equipment hire company near to your job site

Sometimes, we cannot foresee the possible problems that can occur if your equipment isn’t available on site on time. The delay of not being able to use the equipment you are hiring may also be the source of the delay of your scheduled projects. Therefore, choosing an equipment hire company located near your job site can be a great advantage.

3. Look for available trained professionals

An Equipment Rental Company should have trained professionals to assist you and to ensure that you will get the right equipment for your projects. They can help you to choose the right size and the right type of equipment that is always suitable for your desired job. Generators for hire are a good example of this. With regards to generators, you will need to ensure that you are meeting the power requirements of your project.

4. Clean and well-maintained environment

Rental stores must be clean and well-maintained. All the available equipment for hire must be stored in an area where it is free from dust and somewhere where it won’t rust. Clean facilities and well-maintained equipment will greatly affect the condition of the equipment for hire. Seeing the pieces of equipment in a polluted space can create a perception that they are not properly maintained. Of course, you don’t want to see those scissor lifts for hire being kept in a dusty place. Right?

5. Latest models and with the newest safety features

Outdated equipment can perform fine but the latest models with the newest safety features are always excellent for the job. They built with the latest technologies and are usually more suitable for the latest modern designs and techniques used in the industry.

6. Meet government requirements

It is always important to choose an equipment hire company that meets government standards. Usually, this will involve things like emissions, weight classes of equipment etc.

7. Provide equipment test

It is also important that you consider an equipment hire company which will give you the time to test the equipment that you are about to hire. In the case where you are looking for a forklift to hire, then it is best to test how much weight it can lift. Tests such as this will ensure you that the equipment hire company can provide you with the things they promised.

In addition, before signing any rental contracts, you should make sure that you understand every provision stipulated therein. It is also important to ask the following questions to avoid any unforeseen circumstances or hidden fees:

  • What are the terms and conditions of hiring equipment?
  • How long can I possibly rent any type of equipment?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • How much is the equipment for hire? What are the rates that they offer for each available equipment?
  • What are the possible solutions if the equipment encounters problems? What are their remedies?
  • Is there a replacement available in case the equipment doesn’t work?

If you follow all of these tips carefully, you can prevent choosing the wrong equipment hire company to partner with you for the job that you have been planning. At Pacific Hire, we pride ourselves on being able to address all of these points and more. Check out our FAQ!

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