Setting up safe, elevated access is one of the most challenging aspects of the construction business. Any modern job site is more often than not going to require that your ladders an scaffolding. Read more…

If you are looking to ensure that your project is fully provisioned with the highest quality ladders and scaffolding you would do well to trust Pacific Hire to provide you with a solution for any situation.Whether your particular job is run-of-the-mill or requires more specialized access, we have the right tool and expert advice for you.

We have harness kits, platform ladders, trestles, aluminium scaffolding and kwik-stage scaffolding in a range of materials and load capacities.

For jobs that are reliant on quick access and ease of movement, we offer a wide range of light aluminium scaffold platforms. These are fit for construction and restoration projects. Professionals and members of the DIY home improvement crowd will significantly benefit from having them for their projects. Our lightweight scaffolding options are highly manoeuvrable and extremely versatile. Reach high spots with variable base widths and adjustable heights and safety requirements covered.

We also provide models that are effortlessly assembled and ready to use in a matter of minutes, with no fuzz and without the need for specialized tools.

Here at Pacific Hire, we realise the importance of safety in the workplace, especially in the construction or renovation business. If your project is likely to present your workers with electrical hazards you are going to need equipment that is specifically designed with those circumstances in mind.

In this regard, we offer for hire a non-conductive ladder range. This type of equipment is usually manufactured out of fibreglass because it provides a viable alternative to aluminium as it has very low electrical conductivity yet does not sacrifice structural integrity and remains lightweight for easy transport.

For challenging and hard-to-reach spots, Pacific Hire offers a range of extension ladders and harness kits.

Extension ladders are of extreme usefulness when full-sized scaffolding would become a nuisance or inconvenience. Our extension ladders are the best solution for those looking to do home improvement with roofing work in mind. Freestanding step ladders are also available to provide even more variety to our hire offerings.

Whether you are thinking of applying a fresh coat of paint to your house or laying down brick in a construction site, you will need safe and stable ladders and access platforms. Pacific Hire will be able to provide solutions for any height.



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