Concrete plays an essential role in modern structural design. No other current building material can so quickly adapt to the shapes, colours, and textures that a given project might require. Read more...

For this reason alone, concrete has become ubiquitous in architectural design and construction work. Working with concrete offers numerous advantages, but it has to be worked skill and with the right equipment.

Pacific Hire is the leading expert in specialized concrete equipment.

Whether you require concrete hire for large commercial projects or smaller DIY scale home projects, we have a vast selection of concrete grinders, mixers and more. If you hire from us, you are all but guaranteed the best gear and the best price.

We offer only the leading brands of concrete equipment in the industry. Hire from us, and you can do so with the certainty that our equipment is reliable and its performance is guaranteed.

If you need to grind, polish, drill, saw, pump, clean, repair, maintain, or demolish any type of concrete surface or structure you will need specialized equipment. Choose from our broad range of concrete equipment for hire.

Even if your project is small scale, mixing and pouring concrete is hard work. Never again settle for a wheelbarrow and manual mixing. We offer you a variety of different size concrete mixers to suit your project’s needs.

Once the concrete has been mixed, it has to be laid quickly and efficiently for the best results. Here at Pacific Hire, we offer pavers, levels, and trowels. For the best results consider hiring a portable concrete vibrator. These state of the art machines will effortlessly and efficiently eliminate all the air bubbles out of you fresh concrete.

If what you need is to break down old concrete, we also offer a wide range of products to facilitate the process. We offer a variety of saws for cutting and reshaping concrete as well as a vast array of grinders, planers, jackhammers and mowers.

All of our staff has ample experience in the concrete preparation industry. Here at Pacific Hire, we know concrete, and we know exactly what it takes to get the job done well.

We can provide you with the right equipment, accessories and all the technical information you might possibly need. Rely on us for your concrete equipment hire and your job, whatever the size, will run smoothly and without hiccups.

Need to do an early morning concrete pour? Why not hire one of our LED light towers to light up your early morning start.


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