We specialize in the rental of high-quality earthmoving equipment. Earthmoving is a crucial component of any construction venture whether it is large scale or small scale.Read more...

In the vast majority of construction sites, before the real work begins, the ground has to be cleared of any debris and other material that is not going to be needed for the completion of the project.

By correctly taking care of the earthmoving early on you will ensure that your construction project goes smoothly and without fault.

The process of earthmoving encompasses all the excavating or shifting of dirt and debris inside a job site in order to lay down the groundwork for the rest of the project. Sometimes earthmoving will require digging to considerable depths in order to lay structural foundations or critical project components.

Even in small-scale projects, the amount of earth that is generally moved is quite substantial; therefore, manual earthmoving is impractical and potentially dangerous.

Whatever the requirements of your job are, you will need specialized earthmoving equipment machinery in order to efficiently dredge, excavate, lift and shift piles of dirt, lawn, soil, and earth.

We pride ourselves on supplying you with the right tools for your job. Earthmoving equipment is continuously evolving and improving, and here at Pacific Hire we offer only the latest models, and our fleet includes equipment from all the best-known brands.

Heavy-duty powered equipment such as excavators, skid steer loaders, posi tracked loaders and tip trucks are ideal for moving large piles of earth and especially for transporting other pieces of heavy machinery.

A skid steer loader is perfect for mid-range landscaping projects if you need help with leveling and loading trailers as well as with site cleanup. We also offer dumpers, mini-loaders, and wheelbarrows to help with clean up and disposal on the smaller scale job sites.

You don’t want anything going wrong once work has begun on your project. Therefore, rely only on an earthmoving hire that is prepared to provide the right equipment for the right job. Whether you need a single load or a multi-ton combination, we can expediently match your project with the right machine each time.




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