Generator hire – Important questions to ask

Whenever we find ourselves in need of a generator hire, most of us freeze up; there are so many options, so many different models, brands, and specs that knowing which is the right generator for your needs can be a tricky thing to parse.

With this post, we aim to facilitate the entire process for you. We want to help you make the right choice, so we present you with what with think are essential questions to ask yourself before committing to a generator hire.

Answer them, and you will have a much better idea on where you stand.

What are you going to use the generator for?

This is the very first question you must ask yourself. Are you looking to power electronics such as television sets, or computers? If so, you will need an inverter generator that provides a steady current with minimal voltage peaks. However, if you need to power up heavy machinery, for example, an inverter generator will not suffice.

How much power will my project require?

Once you have chosen the type of generator you need, you must determine its capacity, or power level. Generally speaking, you should add up the power requirements of all the devices or equipment that will draw from the generator. This should be considered the bare minimum potency of your generator hire.

What type of fuel should I use, natural gas or diesel?

Generally speaking, diesel is the conventional fuel for electric generators. For the most part, diesel is inexpensive, but generators that use it tend to be extremely loud. Natural gas generators, on the other hand, run a lot more quietly but tend to be much more expensive to operate. Those in the know will tell you that diesel generators are more durable than gas-powered ones, but since you are looking to rent, that shouldn’t be a factor in your decision.

Looking for a generator for your next project? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist!