At Pacific Hire whatever your needs may be, we guarantee to have the right machine whether it’s high, tall & narrow, rough terrain, emissions-free or simply low-level maintenance.Read more...

The advantages provided by Pneumatic tools are invaluable in regards to efficiency and efficacy. Pneumatic tools offer users unparalleled convenience in the workplace, and for this reason alone the demand for powerful air compressor equipment has increased exponentially in work sites all over the country.

As we all know, however, few projects are ever completed without unexpected complications, and in this day and age, one of the most common ones has to be dealing with a short-term increased air demand. Whether you are testing brand new equipment or a have a rather sizeable one-off project to complete, sometimes you will need to rely on equipment hire to meet your demands.

When this happens, look no further than Pacific Hire.

Pacific Hire stocks the most advanced and most reliable air compressors and pneumatic equipment in the business. Our fleet of rental equipment is ready for immediate hire. We offer both diesel and electric powered air compressors to meet your every need.

If your air compressor breaks down and you have no time to send for a repair tech, trust in Pacific Hire to help you quickly set up a trustworthy plant. A wide range of diesel and electric air compressor equipment is only a day or so away. Give us a call, and we will answer your every question. Pacific Hire will supply you with all the necessary auxiliary cables and hoses to ensure the safest experience.

Air compressors provide efficient solutions to all manner of jobs, from spray painting to tearing down concrete foundations.

The DIY crowd can count on smaller electric and petrol tools that are perfect for workshop use. We offer impact wrenches, nail guns, and staple guns.

Bigger jobs will require some serious equipment and Pacific Hire has got you covered there as well. We offer towable, and skidset, diesel compressors. All your work sites are covered because these things can go anywhere. These air compressors are the best solution when working at a location where electrical power is difficult to acquire or presents a safety hazard.

If your job requires any considerable amount of heavy-duty concrete or rock demolition, pneumatic tools are the best option. Rock drills, pneumatic hammers, and air breakers are readily available for hire.

Whatever your needs, Pacific Hire has the experience and know-how to sort you out with the right tool quickly. Whether you’re thinking of building up or tearing down give us a call for your next project.



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