No matter what job lies ahead of you, whether you are working on a building site or landscaping from home, we have a wide range of compaction equipment so that you can get the job done.Read more...

We offer equipment of different sizes and for various purposes, so you can be sure whatever you need, we can provide it. If you need to pave or rip out existing surface; if you need to flatten down gravel or soil in preparation for a building foundation, our tried and tested compaction equipment is the way to go.


Whatever the surface you´re about to compact, if your equipment isn’t up to par it is going to cost you money down the line. Poorly compacted soil and gravel will shift over time causing potentially massive delays and foundational issues.

Our selection of equipment includes small models perfect for small-scale projects, and larger models fit for industrial duty. Our rollers and compactors will help you compress loose materials into a smooth and stable surface fit for construction of any size.

In particular, if the area you need to be compacted is too small for even our smallest rollers, we offer a range of powerful rammers and trench rollers to perfect for compressing small patches.

We also offer a variety of plate compactors for thorough compacting of various surface materials such as sand and gravel. If your job requires some hardcore compaction, as is the case with tarmac and asphalt, you are in luck. Pacific Hire offers a fleet of high vibration compactors and high-tonnage rollers to be used on prominent sites and projects with substantial road-work.

Our equipment ranges from low-key rammers up to heavy-duty compactors so, no matter your requirements, our gear will help you achieve your goals in no time.

Rest assured that Pacific Hire only hires out the most advanced, state-of-the-art gear. All of our compaction equipment exceeds safety compliance standards and offers maximum operator comfort.

From DIY landscaping to road work and building construction, if you have a surface that needs compacting, call Pacific Hire today. We are your go-to provider for everything compaction related.

If you need support when choosing the correct piece of compaction equipment for your specific job, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our professional staff has decades of combined experience, and they are more than capable of assisting you anytime.


Compactors & Rammers