Important safety measures to follow when operating scissor lifts

The use of scissor lift platforms and any other type of hydraulic lifting platform mandates that a series of safety measures and practices be met to reduce the risk of injury to those who operate them.

Based on common occupational risk prevention programs, here are some of the most important safety precautions to follow when operating any scissor lift:

  • Never raise the platform during conditions of high wind.
  • If work is going to be done in public zones, make sure to mark and delimit the area where you are going to work precisely.
  • The scissor platform must always be used on level terrain; under no circumstances should it be used on an incline.
  • If the platform has stabilisers, and any legitimate scissor lift will have them, always use them.
  • Keep the equipment away from open flames.
  • Never extend the reach of the machine with other auxiliary elements such as stairs.
  • Keep all body parts within the limits of the platform.
  • Never operate any scissor lifts while under the influence of any intoxicating substances or while heavily medicated.

These are the primary safety recommendations when operating any scissor lift. Do not forget to follow these recommendations and you can significantly reduce the risk of suffering any accidents on your next project.

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