Why hire equipment like a Generator?

Generators, by nature, are almost always used as a temporary or emergency power solution. Therefore it may not necessarily be the best choice to buy one outright, especially if you will only be using it a few times. Pacific Hire provides generator hire for a wide range of generators depending on your needs. By hiring with us, you can increase your capabilities of being able to deliver power to when and where you need it and by providing constant support as well as on-site servicing we can help ensure that you meet your critical project deadlines. We assure you that every generator we have is well-maintained because we provide results based on our reputation for good quality and service.

Here are the 5 benefits of Generator Hire:

  1. It’s cheaperEquipment hire companies make you save money in many cases. More often than not, you will not need to use a generator over a long period and therefore hiring is a more cost-effective solution.
  2.  No maintenance cost – It eliminates the additional expenses for the maintenance of a generator. Hiring a generator can save a lot of effort and labour costs that would normally be spent on repairing any faults or a breakdown.
  3. Caters short-term equipment needs – Generator usage is not always permanent. It is almost always better to hire one as buying one will usually result in having an unused asset lying around after the job is done.
  4. Hired generators will be up to date – Technology is rapidly changing and generators are no exception. We always make sure to stock the latest and greatest from some of the worlds most trusted brands and by hiring through us you can rest assured knowing that an equipment like a generator which you hire will be an up to date and reliable machine.
  5. A team of experts behind you – The correct choice of a generator will depend on the power specifications you need and how long you need it for. The team here at Pacific Hire are here to help you every step of the way and provide expert advice in choosing the right generator for your needs.

What size of generator do I need?

The size of your generator will depend on the amount of power you require. Regardless of the application, the size of a generator is one of the most important things to consider.

In order to avoid disaster in the future due to a lack of supply or a misconfiguration, it is essential that you choose the right size to meet the needs of your project or event. Pacific Hire will be here to help every step of the way during the hiring process.

We offer you a wide range of generators for hire that will always meet your demands.