Forklift Hire Melbourne – Equipment Hire

Are you looking for an available forklift to hire but still not sure where to go? Still confused whether to buy a new one or avail a forklift hire?

Then, you have come to the right place. Pacific Hire is an industrial and construction company which aims to provide all the benefits of having a forklift and other tools and equipment without owning one.

Why Hire a Forklift?

Buying a new forklift will cost a huge amount of money. It will take time to save for the exact amount knowing that its use is not permanent. However, if you’re planning to buy a forklift for a long-term scheduled project, your money will be tied up for the additional expenses for maintenance and emergency used.

Owning a forklift would also require a storage solution for it. Of course, you don’t want to leave your forklift in an area where the direct heat of the sun, dust and rain that can gradually damage the condition of your forklift. Hence, keeping a forklift in a safe place is always necessary and it requires an additional storage for your garage.

Pacific Hire Company helps you to eliminate all of these worries and concern. We offer you affordable and durable forklift for hire whether for short term and long term services. All of our tools and equipment for hire including our forklifts are well-maintained and good condition guaranteed.

Forklift hire will suit every job of owning one. We will give you fast and reliable transactions and guarantee you the best service we can offer. We have expert and well-trained staff that will help and assist you for a hassle free and smooth transactions.

Types of Forklift for Hire Available


  • Forklift – 2.5T Container Mast
  • Forklift – 3.5T Container Mast
  • Forklift RoughTerrain 2.5T
  • Forklift Rough Terrain 3.5T

All of our forklifts are available at daily, weekly and monthly hire rates. We will provide a forklift for your short-term and long-term projects. Aside from that, we give you sufficient forklift pre-use inspection to avoid mistakes in handling forklifts.

You can also avail different services we offer. We give you a wide range of options for equipment hire and tool hire that are suitable for your budget. Also, we guarantee that our tools and equipment are well-maintained and in good condition for you to avoid inconvenience while using our product.

Contact us now for more information about our forklift for hire and submit your inquiries.