Need Excavator, Bobcat, Or Dingo Hire Wollert?

When you want a company that looks after the trades, and can provide you with convenient and cost-effective equipment hire Wollert, you won’t find anyone more experienced than Pacific Hire. Since 1979, we have been supplying a wide range of tools and equipment to everyone from home DIYers, through to building and construction trades. With our excavator, dingo, or bobcat hire Wollert, you can take care of demolition, trenching, digging, transporting, and much more.

Machinery And Scaffold Hire Wollert For Tough Jobs

Scaffolding and machinery are important for any big job site. Here at Pacific Hire, we provide scaffold and scissor lift hire Wollert, that is easy to organise. Need other types of machinery? We can also take care of you if you need a cherrypicker, or forklift hire Wollert. In terms of cherrypicker hire Wollert, we offer cherrypickers from the world’s leading manufacturers, and they come in a range of heights. All our machines are heavy-duty, easy to move around, and come with top-end safety features. Coupled with tried and tested knowledge of all our big machinery, tools, and accessories, our team will ensure you get the most out of your hiring.

Smaller Tools Including Floor Sander And Pressure Washer Hire Wollert

Here at Pacific Hire, we also have a range of equipment for the home handyman including pressure washers and floor sander hire Wollert. Our high-pressure washers are the ideal tool for cleaning around the home or workshop – plus you can use it on your car, bikes, boats, or motorhome. You can say goodbye to a range of tough materials including dust, mud, and grime – even mould! Pressure washer hire Wollert, could save you hours of time to get the same clean result almost instantly. If you are wanting to remove bumps or imperfections from your timber, or perhaps your timber or cork floorboards currently have a heavy finish and you want to put down a fresh coat of varnish, floor sander hire Wollert, could help you get the job done perfectly.

Your Local Company For Equipment Hire Wollert

There are plenty of uses for our machinery, but if you are not sure what is going to be the most effective for your job, just ask, we will always point you in the right direction.  Our rates are affordable, and you will be impressed with the quality of our tools. So, whether you are looking to finish a DIY project, or you need bigger machinery and forklift hire Wollert, talk to us first here at Pacific Hire. Simply call 1300 722 132, and we will help you get the job done!


Melbourne Branch

Phone: 1300 722 132
Address: 1950 Hume Hwy,
Campbellfield VIC 3061

Myrtleford Branch

Phone: 1300 722 132
Address: 35 Myrtle St,
Myrtleford VIC 3737

Wangaratta Branch

Phone: 1300 722 132
Address: 52 – 56 Parfitt Road
Wangaratta VIC 3677