The Best Excavator Hire South Morang

From backyard garden or home building projects, to major construction works, with Pacific Hire, we can provide you with excavator hire, dingo hire, and bobcat hire South Morang. We have a comprehensive fleet for excavator hire South Morang, and you can choose short or long term rental options. You can also rest assured that our excavator, bobcat, and dingo hire South Morang, comes with all the tools and attachments needed for your earthmoving and digging needs.

Talk To Us About Scissor Lift Or Cherrypicker Hire South Morang

Pacific Hire really has it all. As well as earth moving equipment, you will find scissor lift, cherrypicker, and scaffold hire South Morang. With our scissor lift hire South Morang, you will find that scissor lifts are a versatile piece of indoor and outdoor machinery that can lift tools, equipment, or workers off the ground with ease. A cherrypicker is more suited for jobs that require staff to get high up, or reach an area that is not easily accessible if you were to use any other type of equipment. And if you have a larger construction project, at Pacific Hire we can supply scaffold hire South Morang for short or long term rental. Just one call or email, and we can organise scaffolding for your particular project.

We Also Offer Forklift, Pressure Washer, And Floor Sander Hire South Morang

Customers require hire equipment and machinery from Pacific Hire, for many reasons. For starters, it can be much cheaper compared to buying outright, and adding another machine can often help to get a job done twice as fast. So, if your warehouse or loading dock is under the pump, talk to us first about forklift hire South Morang. As well as larger industrial equipment, we offer the DIYer or home handyman a range of smaller tools including floor sander and pressure washer hire South Morang. With a big range and very competitive rental rates, talk to our Pacific Hire team first about floor sander hire, pressure washer hire, and forklift hire South Morang.

Why More Customers Are Choosing Pacific Hire

When you want the latest equipment and tools on the market, you will always find a diverse range here at Pacific Hire. We add new items weekly, and our staff try them all out first, so we can give you the best advice on what you need. To learn more about our equipment hire South Morang and surrounding areas, call us today on 1300 722 132.


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