We Offer Bobcat, Dingo And Excavator Hire Myrtleford

At Pacific Hire, we specialise in providing a range of equipment for short or longer-term hire, which is more economical than purchasing equipment outright. Our range of excavators can help with a wide range of projects from digging holes and trenches, to lifting heavy objects. If you have a smaller project, we can also assist with dingo and bobcat hire Myrtleford, to help you complete your project, without exceeding your budget. To learn more about excavator, bobcat, and dingo hire Myrtleford, have a chat with our dedicated team today.

For High Up - Cherrypicker Hire Myrtleford

If you are working on a worksite or project where you need to reach a greater height, you need Pacific Hire cherrypicker hire Myrtleford. We have a wide range of machines to cover every type of job from trades and construction, to harvesting and rescue. Need scaffold hire Myrtleford? At Pacific Hire, we also offer scaffold hire for short or long term construction jobs. All our equipment will help you get the done right, and safely, without any technical hazards. To find out more about our scaffold hire, as well as cherrypicker and scissor lift hire Myrtleford, hire from us today.

Pacific Hire Can Help With Your Smaller Jobs

Buying pressure washers and floor sanders outright can be incredibly expensive, so why not make it easy and talk to us about floor sander or pressure washer hire Myrtleford. You can always rely on us. We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry, and so we know which tools or equipment will be best to get your job done more effectively. As well as floor sanders and pressure washers, many businesses and trades with warehouses or loading docks make us their first choice for reliable, high quality, and cost-effective forklift hire Myrtleford and surrounding areas. So, when you need forklift hire, or pressure washer or floor sander hire Myrtleford, you can always rely on us for the best tools and fantastic customer service.

Your First Choice In Equipment Hire Myrtleford

Whether you are digging and require excavator, bobcat, or dingo hire Myrtleford, or you need to reach great heights with a cherrypicker or scaffold hire Myrtleford, you will find all those big pieces of equipment, right here at Pacific Hire. Looking for something versatile, you will also find an extensive range of scissor lifts and forklift hire Myrtleford to suit any application and increase your productivity. To find out more about our full range of products available for hire, contact our dedicated team today on 1300 722 132.


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